Panels, Photo Ops, Autographs, And More


SATURDAY, Aug 20th
11:00 Lee Chambers, Filmmaker
12:00 Spotlight on Judith Hoag
1:00 Spotlight on Ryan Hurst
2:00 Spotlight on Ross Marquand
3:00 Spotlight on Roger Clark
4:00 Norse Mythology and Its’ Link to the Hobbit, Mark Allard-Will
5:00 Cosplay Costume Showcase
SUNDAY, Aug 21st
10:00 A Beginners Guide To Cosplay – With Quelsie Cosplay
11:00 Spotlight on Roger Clark
12:00 Spotlight on Ryan Hurst
1:00 Spotlght on Ross Marquand
2:00 Leroy & Leroy, Always Something to Do
3:00 Regina Expo’s Earth Bending Academy (Jonathan Shiplack)
4:00 Cosplay Start to Finish, SmileCosplaY


There are no assigned times for autographs and photos. If the Guest is not at their panel, they will be at their booth in the Media Guest area, where you can get autographs and photos at their table.

Check the schedule for an updated list of when everything is happening during the Expo! Coming soon.

**Media guests don’t have scheduled autograph times. If they’re not at their photo ops or panels listed below, or on a short break, they will be at their table in the Media Guest area signing autographs.

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Please note: schedule is subject to change.