The success of your business – whether you’re established in the community or trying the Regina Entertainment Expo for the first time – is reliant on finding new audiences when they are ready to buy, and being front of the right people. The Expo can get you in front of over 10,000 people in high profile areas of the Expo.

The Regina Entertainment Expo is the largest pop-culture convention in the city. Attracting fans of all kinds, it’s a unique opportunity to connect with your audience. With 16 hours of direct access to over 10,000 pop-culture fans to showcase what you do best. Expo Fans are pop-culture enthusiasts who take in what we have to offer to shop, learn and be entertained.

With our Premium Booths located near high traffic areas and entrances, it’s a great opportunity to be right in front of your audience.

Increase Sales With A Powerful Call To Action

The Expo’s Program Guide is read cover to cover and kept as a keepsake by our fans. Your well placed ad featuring your products or services help you stand out from the other 100+ Exhibitors, informs attendees as to what you are selling and most importantly, where to find you on the show floor.

Expand Your Reach With Social Media Promotion

Tap into the power of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach over 10,000 fans anytime of the year with the help of our social media channels. We work with you to create a social media campaign designed to increase awareness and engagement so that you can meet your goals and interact with ready-to-buy fans.

Have we got your interest? Email as these spots and opportunities are limited and are first come, first serve.