Cosplay Guests

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Cosplay Guests

Quelsie Cosplay

QuelsieCosplay, also known as Kelsie, is a cosplayer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Costuming has always been an interest of Kelsie’s. She started making cosplays in 2017 and debuted her first one that year at the Regina Fan Expo. She enjoys creating costumes that are rich in detail and incorporate a variety of materials such as EVA foam, fabric, leather, faux fur, 3d printed parts, and worbla. Kelsie has been a huge fan of video games her entire life. It started from a very young age when she would watch her father play the original Doom on the family computer. That love grew even greater when she received her first gaming computer at 13. She draws inspiration from her favourite games to create cosplays, all while working full-time as a paramedic. She is known for her cosplay work from the popular Dragon Age, Witcher, and Assassin’s Creed series of games. Kelsie has competed in numerous cosplay contests and has won many awards, including multiple Expert 1st place and multiple Judge’s Choice awards. She has been invited to Calgary Expo and Sask Expo Saskatoon as a cosplay guest and has held panels on prop making and getting into cosplay. Kelsie has been internationally published in Cosplay Realm Magazine and Creative Cosplay Magazine for her cosplay of The Huntress from Dead by Daylight.

SaskSuper Duo

The SaskSuper Duo are PSYCHED to be a part of this year’s Entertainment Expo in Regina!  This Father/Daughter duo have been cosplaying for years, enjoying meeting people at charity events and comic cons across Western Canada.  Michael and Ava enjoy creating their own costumes, and the magic that happens when meeting kids and fans of all ages at events.  You might see Ava on the soccer field, or Michael teaching classes at Motion Fitness when they are not in costume.  When they ARE super-suited up,  you may see them at charity events in Saskatoon, where they are based.  They have appeared as Supergirl, Superman, Wildcat, Black Canary, Batman ’66, Batgirl, Captain America, American Dream, Thor and they BOTH have a version of Captain Marvel!  Cosplaying is their passion, and they’re looking forward to seeing lots of participants in costume in Regina this year!


SmileCosplay Jamie is a Cosplayer, Twitch Afiliate and NYFW model. Growing up loving Archie comics, Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh, as well as having an avid love for JRPG’s, she finally stepped into the world of cosplay in 2016. Since then, she has been mastering her skills. In areas like fabric work, 3d modeling, prop making, wig styling, prosthetic work and electronics. SmileCosplay is a Canadian cosplayer, who is following her belief that everyone should try cosplay at least once and is pursuing this passion by teaching people through the wonders of cosplay creativity. SmileCosplay has been cosplaying for just over 8 years, and currently lives and creates her cosplays in Regina, Saskatchewan. Her 8 years of experience in the field has allowed her to hone her craft and continue creating her finely crafted costumes. SmileCosplay made a name for herself when she competed in her first cosplay contest at Crown Cosplay Championship back in 2020. She was selected to compete out of thousands of applicants, with her Sisters of Battle Cosplay (her first full armor build). She has gained recognition in Publications like “Cosplayzine” Magazine (for her Raven cosplay). As well as having a published tutorial in the UK “Cosplay Community” Magazine.
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