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Sask Expo Regina is a unique, fan favourite event that will draw thousands of people into one location over 2 days. The excitement is building fast, and will last for months after the event. It’s a cost effective way to showcase your products to a lot of potential customers in a concentrated area. There will be a wide variety of people and exhibitors with a wide range of products, which means you can also reach new consumers while staying in touch with your current buyers. Please contact exhibtors@reginaexpo.com with any Exhibitor inquiries.

Artist Alley (Alphabetical)

Abandoned Warehouse Crafts


Stop by Abandoned Warehouse Crafts for all your bow and bow tie wants and needs! We can alter any of our bows onto alligator clip, pony elastic, French barrette, elastic headband, safety pin, hair comb, or clip-on bow tie hardware. See you soon, Regina!

Aquarius Art by Jordan


Arty McFly

A33, A34



The bunnies are coming!! Delivering you cute art and merch at https://brownrabbits.carrd.co/

Custom Paper Crafts


DeerlyB3loved / TingleTongle


Don Sparrow

Don’t Know (Maybe So), Ad Astra, Waiting for Wednesday

Edward Willett

Booth EC8

Farmgirl in the City Productions


GMB Chomichuk




Lindsay Macnab


Matt Kehler Art


Matt is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is selling art prints that are inspired by his love of comic books, science fiction, fantasy and nature.

Mod Master Heroclix

Booths A2, A3

Rawry and Pohly


Regina based, Rawry & Pohly's signature look is pop art minimalist graffiti, bringing original styles to loved designs. Founded by two artists, Rawry and Pohly's motto is: Celebrate Your Inner Child.


A28. A29



Sab (@Sabtastic on Instagram) is a traditional and digital artist from Edmonton, Alberta whose work revolves around the 'Inktober' art challenge (creating one ink painting a day for the entire month of October). Her art features cute fat birds, witches, monster girls, and endearingly mischievous crows. Visit this friendly artist's booth this year at SaskExpo Regina to peruse her prints and talk shop!  

Saffron’s Card Alters


Steven Charles Rosia & Hayley Gislason


Studio Yanimator Art


We are freelance graphic artists based out of Ontario, CA! and have been doing conventions for the past 10 years, and love what we do!  We will have on display and sale a variety of Anime and video game art ranging from the newest Kingdom Hearts game to some classic anime such as YuYu Hakusho! We will be selling a variety of prints, fan made acrylic charms and enamel pins! Our IG can be found at @yanimatorart. See you all soon!

The Art of Mel Hohn


Mel is a watercolour illustrator from Edmonton, using the pastel-coloured medium to paint "soft, but sharp" settings: Lovely landscapes, fair fairies, and magical mermaids with a touch of darkness. Visit her booth to be enchanted by her Botanical Bug pin collection, or grab a mini-comic about the lesser known fairytales!

The Purple Hippo




You’ve Got Maille


Chainmail isn't just for armour anymore, although we do make that too.  We have unique items hand crafted from individual metal rings.  Stop by to see everything from candle holders to bracelets to dragons.

Vendors and Artist Alley Exhibitors

Check out all the fantastic vendors, creatives and artists we’ll have on the show floor! Exhibitor Applications for 2024 are currently closed, but if you have any questions send us an email at exhibitors@reginaexpo.com.

Exhibitors (Alphabetical)


Booth E11-E13

Chez Rhox


Comic Solutions


Dangerous Damsels

Booth V23, V24

Dark Age Creations

PV83, V84, V93, V94

Dark Age Creations is Canada's Source for everything Medieval! Sales & Rentals of Swords, Armour, and Medieval Accessories! Hand Made Knives, Swords, Archery Gear, Shields, and Leather work from our in house fabricators! Stop by our booth to try on a Helmet get a #HelmetSelfie!


PV55, PV68

Finders Keepers


Grym Forge Ltd

Booths V11, V16

Harley Yee Rare Comics


Kay Pop Art

V35, V36

ks13 cosplay


Little Star Gifts

PV69, PV82

Little Star Gifts offers the highest quality of Anime products on the market today.  Since 2006, we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals.  Our many years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best Anime Shop in the area.

Maze Studio

Booths V33, V34

Minifigure Maddness

PV01, PV26

Nomad Posters


PNP Games

V70, V71

Rick and Davey – Posters & Supplies

V89, V90

Rika Collectibles



V31, V32

Star Cast Anime

E25, E26



We Have Issues


Xtreme Paraphilia

V72, V73, V78, V79


Vendor and Artist Alley Exhibitors

Check out all the fantastic vendors, creatives and artists we’ll have on the show floor!

Exhibitor Applications for 2024 are currently closed, but if you have any questions, please send us an email to exhibitors@reginaexpo.com


Agents of Fandom – 142

AKB PoP – 200

A P Spray Arts – 188

AX Comics – 138

Balloon Bar YQR – 234

Bill’s Diecast and Hobby Room – 187/192

Black Dog Art Supply – 209/210

Bookwyrm Games – 204/205

C3 Comics – 201/206

Canada Learning Code – 177

Code Ninjas – 126-128

Comic Readers – 116, 117, 124, 125

Costume Repair Booth – 239

Creations of Joy – 172

Crucial Crafts & Designs – 235/236

Daily Coffee Co. – 215

Darkside Vinyl – 160

Dinners and Dragons – 143

Edward Willett Author – 182

Excalipurr Cat Cafe – 176

Express Promotions – 103

Flawless Victory – 224/225

For the Love of Collectibles – 194/195/196

Hahn Games – 159

Joe’s Place/501st Legion – 166-169

Jub Job’s Freeze Dried Candy – 223

K13 Cosplay – 237/238

Kaleidoscope Games – 145

Karavan – 197

Korol’s Collectibles – 113/121

Lillix Art – 102

Little Devil Emporium – 185

Little Star Gifts – 189/190/191

Madroot Creations – 136

Marjielous Creations – 104

Mike’s Comics – 214

MiniFigure Maddness – 217/222

MoBoo Creations – 120

Moose Jaw Comics and Collectibles – 202/202A/212/217

Mother Medusa – 122

NitroGeek – 178/187

Paper Canvas – 131/139

Pinz and Things – 199

Printing Pundits – 162

Quirkilicious – 218

Ragnar the Trader – 211/216

Rawry and Pohly – 227

Recording Arts Institute of Saskatchewan – 184

Red Moon Curios – 229/230

Red Moon Glassworks – 228

Regina Zombie Walk – 144

Rick and Davey’s Posters – 179-181

Rika’s Collectibles – 132, 133, 140, 141

Sask Games – 154-157

Saskatchewan LEGO Users Group – 240-243

Sixpence Creations – 186

Sportsworld Collectibles – 129/137

Star Cast Anime – 105/106

Stars and Stone – 149/150

Stylin’ Nerds – 146/158

Suzie Dempster Art – 101

Sweet Castle – 107

Sweet Cuts – 153

tftoys/Celebrity Connections – 163/164/165

The Collective YQR/Spa Stuff – 198/203

The Pocket Blade – 221/226

Tigger’s Dog Rescue – 170

Tok Toy-King – 148

Underdog Comics – 151/152

Wright Ink & Artwork/Twilight Tech – 232/233



Angry Monkey Cartoonz – AA05

Ansel Grigo – AA30

Art by Justin Paul – PA12

Arty McFly – Disappointing Panda – AA07

Audra Balion Art – AA56

Auntie Char’s Creationz – AA22

Blue Dragon Creations – AA20

bokchoi – PA13

Booflight – AA21

BrownRabbits – PA08

Cee Comics – AA12

Chasing Artwork – PA14

Chris Simonite Art – PA05

Clover Studios – AA11

Compose Dream Games – AA47

Creative Haven LC – AA23

Critical Relics – AA37

Crow and Thorne – AA15

Designs by Soka – AA20

Diamondfishart – AA19

Don Sparrow – AA17

Fire and Ice – AA02

Flairfighter – AA44

Flyorence Jewelry and Dice – AA54/AA55

Folk and Fan Woodburning & Art – AA29

Happy Hour Creations – PA04

Hectic – AA27


Infinite Studios – AA27/AA28

Inspyred Creations – PA01

Johnni Kok Illustrations – AA51/AA52

Jonathan Allarie Art – AA40

Just Snails – AA48

Kat Has Sweets – AA34

Kate and the World – AA16

Kawaii Krafts – AA39

Kaybee Customs – AA18

Knotty Wireworks – AA46

Kwest Costume Art – AA43

Limpstella – AA03

Loaf of Cake – AA26

Marshmallow Guru – AA10

Mochie’s Goodies

Morghie’s Art – AA09

Myrell Co – AA25

Nerissa Faye – PA06

Not Famous Yet – AA08

Obsidian Grove – PA02

Odhak Productions – AA42

Ohana Craft – AA01

Paul La Rue Art – AA53

Perogies and Kung Fu – AA26

Sabtastic – PA11

Scotty Sloth – PA10

Scribble Jay’s Art – AA31

ShadowLink Cosplay – AA13

Studio Twaddle – PA09

Sydmish – AA41

T.D. Zummack, Author – AA14

Tears of the North Pole

Teylor A. Art – AA22

The Art of Steven Charles Rosia – AA11

The Dreamwing Trilogy – AA06

Tingle Tongle Sews – AA24

Tommy’s Puppet Lab – AA33

Tooaquarius – AA04

Wastelander’s Emporium – AA49/AA50

Wild Fuzz Studios – PA02

Yanimator Art – AA35/AA36

You’ve Got Maille – PA03