Prop And Costume Applications Are Open!

Planning on wearing a costume or bringing props to Sask Expo Regina? We want to make sure the expo is a safe place for everyone, so for props on the larger side, anything built to look like a weapon, or other costumes/props that could be deemed unsafe will need to be reviewed. Please give our Prop and Costume Policy a read, and make sure your props follow our guidelines. We will have staff on-site to make sure that everything is safe. ¬†We want to make sure that you don’t get everything ready to go and then can’t join in on the fun because your prop or costume doesn’t follow the Expo policies.

  • Describe your prop and/or costume in detail. What materials are the prop and/or costume made of? What are the dimensions? What are some noticeable features? The better you are able to describe your prop and/or costume, the easier the approval process will be.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, Max. file size: 5 MB.

Prop And Costume Applications Are Closed