About SEE

Sask Expo Regina is coming back! We are bringing in exciting North American television and movie entertainers, as well as pop culture and comic book creators to provide a cultural experience for fans in Saskatchewan. Rounding out the immense talent, we will fill the hall with vendors and artists from far and wide, for a show that will appeal to adults and families alike looking for an exciting adventure.


Before attending the Expo make sure to read through our policies. They cover anything and everything to do with safety, harassment, entry, wristbands, accessibility, and more! We will make sure our policies are upheld during your time with us so that you and everyone else attending will have a safe, fun space where they can enjoy everything we have to offer. If you see any policy violations make sure to let our customer service know so we can handle the issue promptly and make our event a comfortable experience for everyone involved.


The success of your business – whether you’re established in the community or trying Sask Expo Regina for the first time -is reliant on finding new audiences when they are ready to buy, and being front of a captive audience. The Expo can get you in front of over 12000 people in high profile areas of the Expo.